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Wedding organization and consultations with wedding planner

If you want to make your wedding a memorable holiday for the whole life, relax with family and friends on the the Adriatic coast. Create your beautiful moments on the background of romantic coasts, lush green forests and waterfalls or medieval castles - we will help you with this.


Not necessarily celebrate in expensive restaurants with a mass of visitors. Be original. You can invite your closest friends and family to celebrate your wedding in Croatia; share your joy and at the same time relax, soak up the sun, swimm  in cristal blue water;  drinking local wine grown on the slopes of this incredibly beautiful country; relax and chat with your friends, and maybe even pick up a wedding gift - a house-cottage for honeymoon.

We will help you in the organization. After many years of cooperation with the largest companies in Croatia, we have formed a brand - Croatia4you, which offers its clients a full range of services in Croatia. From the purchase / rent of real estate, purchase / rent yachts to weddings and gastro-tourism.

You will be pleased with the result, you can contact us on all the questions you are interested.

If you want to organize your wedding out on the sea under the beautiful music on the yacht on a desert island, under the waterfall, in the church on the island, in a picturesque place on the coast, in a medieval castle, in the old town square to the sound of a brass band - all of this is real !

Trust us, and the staff of our company will organize this for you at the highest level.

As we are a tourist company with large database of objects on rental properties, we can choose for you and your guests the best accommodation option. If it is just the two of you, we can arrange for accommodation at the lighthouse,  comfortable house accomodation and not a soul around. You can enjoy the company of just the two of you looking sunsets and sunrises ...

We can pick a comfortable villa for you and your family and to organize wedding in any place of interest to you.

Also we can accommodate and the large number of guests in a hotel, apartments, villas with many bedrooms.  We can arrange a gala dinner or a romantic escape for two.

Croatia has accepted to celebrate the wedding with lots of guests for at least 200 guests, so we have plenty of rooms that can accommodate quite a large number of people.

It is very popular to organize a wedding on Plitvice lakes.

Plitvice National Park is incredibly beautiful 16 lakes connected by 92 waterfalls. It is a miracle of nature, there was more than 4 thousand years ago, it is located between Zagreb and Dalmatia, not far from the highway . In these places, it is often possible to see the wedding procession, decorated with ribbons. Brides in white dresses on the background of lush green forests and emerald lakes look very nice, and much more romantic than in buildings with a sign "the registrar office". This place is very popular among honeymooners, but standing in line is not required, since there are a lot of waterfalls. Most lovers prefer to arrange a ceremony under  the largest of the waterfalls.

An alternative to Plitvice lakes there closer to the coast national park Krka. In the middle of the river, is the church - the only structure on the tiny island of Visovac. Also nearby is the famous wine house with Bibic kitchen Michelin level.

You can arrange a wedding on a yacht and dinner in the new comfortable restaurant, the only one on the island, the National Park islands Kornati, where guests will be served scallops and lobsters.

We can find offers for the most demanding customer. Our specialists will arrange any celebration on a high level. Contact us for free consultation, we will help you choose the right option for you.

In addition we have developed a package of standard events, you can order everything individually. Make your wedding unforgettable!


What is necessary for the wedding in the Catholic Church:?

1. The certificate on baptism

2. Confirmation of free marital status

As pastor of the Catholic Church has given us information that, if both spouses are foreigners, the wedding must be agreed individually with the pastor, it sometimes happens that they refuse to marry foreigners. However, relying on the experience of our agency there is nothing to worry about. We will arrange for you all at the highest level.



Documents required for citizens of the EU?

1. Notarized and translated into Croatian, birth certificate and proof of free marital status.

2. Passport

3. Documents must be certified

All the above documents must be sent no later than 30-45 days before the wedding.


If you have any questions, please contact us !

Our experts will be happy to provide answers and explain in detail, everything that interests you.