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Help in company registration

Help in company registration

Our company offers to our clients help in the company registration. Setting up a company takes 2-6 weeks. If you are present in Croatia - we accompany you and help you in every step of the registartion. If you're not in Croatia, there is no problem, we will send you a power of attorney, you notarize and apostiliziruete in the homeland, and we will do everything else for you.

If you want to set up a company in Croatia, we offer fast and efficient services company registration.

What is necessary for opening the company:

1. Select a name of the company

- When you select a name, keep in mind that the name should be Croatian, Latin or Greek word;

-Just the company name can be your name, first name or surname;

- Name must be unique in the region, and approved by a notary public, so we recommend that you choose at least three options.

2. A certified copy of the passport.

3. Notary Power of Attorney (apostilizirovannaya - in the case of signing it is not in the territory of Croatia).

4. Address of the company.

Further procedures leave in safe hands of our real estate agency.