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Culinary tourism

Gourmet tourism or culinary tourism means memorable eating and drinking experiences at a local place. A high percentage of travellers, consider dining and food as relevant activities during their travels. Gastronomy tourism has gained enormous potential in recent years and has become a central part of the tourism experience. Food Tourism includes ethical and sustainable values based on the territory, the landscape, the sea, local culture, local products. This is everything that Croatia obtains. Croatian cuisine is diverse and contains fresh ingredients, rich flavours and aromas of Mediterranean cuisine dominated by olive oil. Croatia is known for its many restaurants, local taverns offering excellent food and wine.

Dalmatian region is perfect for growing grapes, and therefore the wines from this region are one with the highest quality. We know all the best local hidden places serving best food and wine. Whether you want to enjoy at the terrace of some fancy restaurant or relax in a hidden bay and enjoy fresh fish just caught from the sea or go somewhere in the hinterland and leave yourself in the safe hands of local chefs.

Come to Croatia and create unforgettable memories and experience a spectacular taste of local cuisine!