Wedding ceremony at St Mark on island Hvar Wedding ceremony at St Mark on island Hvar

  • ID: Wedding ceremony at St Mark on island Hvar
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Wedding ceremony at St Mark on island Hvar

ID: Wedding ceremony at St Mark on island Hvar





St Mark on island Hvar is a former church of the Dominican monastery, nowadays this venue is not suitable for religious weddings in Croatia, but it is suitable for bigger and smaller official or symbolic ceremonies, and it's very popular for elopements and destination wedding ceremonies for up to 140 people. It's located in the middle of the city in Hvar town. 

St. Mark's rules:

  • Capacity: up to 140 people
  • Privatization fee: upon request
  • Ceremony type: offical or symbolic 

About Hvar town - island Hvar:

Hvar is situated in central Dalmatia so the easiest way to get there is to come to Split (centre city of Dalmatia). From Split to Hvar you can take a car ferry or speed boat. There are many daily lines during the season, and easy access is also one of the reasons why Hvar is the perfect wedding destination.

Hvar is an island with the most sunny days per year, but also an island of endless lavender fields, vineyards, olive trees and colourful vegetation that merges with a blue sea. It is a perfect wedding destination because at the same time you can enjoy beautiful and untouched nature, have luxury accommodation in hotels in the centre of town and choose from several just gorgeous wedding venues. You can have an unforgettable wedding day, but also transform your wedding day into a whole week experience for you and your guests.


The advantages of a wedding in Hvar town?

1. Wedding will be held in a very unique location with a lovely natural atmosphere, your wedding photos and memories will be unforgettable! Your guests will be impressed.

2. Perfect weather for having a wedding in Croatia: in May, June, September and October – definitely off-season! During the low season there are not so many tourists. In April and May – spring time, Mediterranean flowers and plants bloom and you can expect sunny days. In September and October, sea temperatures are the same as in the high season (July and August).



We want to remind you that the procedure for preparing the wedding takes time, especially when it comes to official weddings, so please contact us in advance. 

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