Tourist zone in Smrka bay on the island of Brač Tz-662

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  • ID: Tz-662
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  • 167 595 m2 The total land area
  • 10 m2 Distance from the sea


  • 167 595 m2
  • south-west
  • Open sea view
  • 10 m2

Tourist zone in Smrka bay on the island of Brač

ID: Tz-662

Tourism development and competitiveness can only be guaranteed with the excellent tourist offer, including the natural resources available in Croatia. The Smrka tourist resort is located in Smrka bay on the island of Brač. The island of Brac is the largest Dalmatian island, with 395 km2 area is the third largest island in the Adriatic. Brac is located near Split, the largest city on the eastern Adriatic coast, and is an interesting summer destination for tourists.

Smrka Bay is an area located in the south-western part of Brač. The macadam road leads to the bay. The tourist area is planned at the entrance to the bay. The idyllic location provides a clear view of the island of Hvar. Because of the location of the tourist zone, it is necessary to define the shape of the planned facilities to take into account the existing conditions as well as to treat the environment in an appropriate and careful way.

The project's location includes a part of the coastal area of ​​Smrka bay and the coastal area along the coast, and has so far been completely undeveloped. Because of natural position, the bay is protected from waves from all directions. The coastline passing by the dock is a natural narrow rocky area. The area included in the Program has no implemented municipal infrastructure as planned in the planning documents for the wider area. After urbanization, the necessary municipal infrastructure will be implemented. The development of urban plans for determining the maritime domain is still under way. The natural appearance of the coast must be preserved wherever possible.

As part of the tourist zone it is planned to:
-Hospitality and tourism - T1 - hotels and T2 - villas
-Sport and recreation, beach
-green surface
-Surface of infrastructure systems
-Harbor nautical harbor

Construction of facilities for accommodation of 1250 guests is planned in Smrka tourist zone.

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