Villa Vista in pittoresque village Zamask VRPa-462

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  • ID: VRPa-462
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  • 250 m2 Fläche des Objektes
  • 50 000 m2 Fläche des Grundstücks
  • 30 km Entfernung vom Meer


  • 250 m2
  • 50 000 m2
  • 50 m2
  • ground floor + 1 floor
  • 3
  • 3 + 1 extra toilet
  • yes (60m2)
  • panoramic view
  • 2016
  • 30 km

Villa Vista in pittoresque village Zamask

ID: VRPa-462

Have you ever wanted to go away from the everyday world you live in and enjoy the beauty of the nature? You diserve a break. Forget about the stress and the obligations; leave them at your house and bring the optimism and the positive thoughts! Let yourself have a perfect vacation. The first thing you will hear in the morning will be the birds singing. Clear your mind. Don’t ever forget that the body and the mind are extremely closely connected and this vacation will heal you.

If you want a dream vacation, Villa Vista is the perfect choice for you. It’s situated in a small, pittoresque village called Zamask. A 5 star accomodation, Villa Vista is a synthesis between the untouched nature and the modern design which perfectly mixes glass and wooden surfaces. It’s a place that brings the luxury and the newest design together into a harmony that gives you a warm feeling of “being home”.

On the first floor (size over 120 m2) there is a large living room, a dining room with a modern kitchen for all of the chefs and a blibliotheque, a private corner of absolute silence. On the second floor there is a bathroom for each of three bedrooms which give you a view on the breathtaking yard. Your mornings will make you think you’re still dreaming. Dream with your eyes wide open.

The kitchen, spacious and fully furnished, turns the newest desing into something extremely functional. Try some istrian food and let yourself fall in love with it. Why do our guests love the kitchen so much? Well, the Croatian people have a proverb: “Love goes through the stomach” and we will let you be the judge of that. The central part of the first floor is the dining room itself.  The perfect place to gather the whole family around the table. Talk about things you’ve seen in Istra and share your experiences! The aesthetics of this dining room matches perfectly with the kitchen and the living room. It has a great view on the yard and you will certainly enjoy your meals there! The modern architecture is well known for it’s design where the most important thing is the aesthetics. That is exactly why this living room was made that way. It makes you feel good and relaxed. A personalized corner of the house made only for the dearest books of yours.

There are three large bedrooms in the house and each one of them has a bathroom. It is a private space that will make you feel extremely free and relaxed. Since all of the bedrooms have the same, breathtaking view on the nature, they will make you feel as if you were still dreaming. The beds are amazingly comfortable and you will have the same feeling every morning; you will stay in there for a long time. It will be your universe of the true, absolute relaxation. Finally, the bathroom – your private space. It is made for long baths and even longer sessions of getting ready. Your comfort is our priority. Not only its aesthetics are great due to her modern design, but also you can turn it into a private spa in less a second. Let your body creams and little candles do the magic and make your own “feel good” room.

Enjoy the Sun, the beautiful natural light and the breeze. The terrace is the place reserved only for relaxation- anyway, you absolutely diserve it, it is your vacation! It is fully furnished to the smallest detail, the terrace of our villa is so comfortable that it will lure you into eating your breakfasts there instead of in the dining room. Bring your fresh breakfast with you on the terrace and enjoy a good book and an even better view on the Infinity pool.

We are certain that you will enjoy yourself just the way you shoud with an Infinity pool and a yard with almost 300 olive trees. Relax your body and your mind because – you are right where you need to be!



01.01.-18.05.2018. - 490 € / per day 

19.05.-15.06.2018. - 590 € / per day

16.06.-13.07.2018. - 690 € / per day

14.07.-31.08.2018. - 990 € / per day

01.09.-21.09.2018. - 690 € / per day

22.09.-12.10.2018. - 590 € / per day

13.10.-31.12.2018. - 490 € / per day



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