Intimate wedding at neutral water territory Intimate wedding at neutral water territory

  • ID: Intimate wedding at neutral water territory
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Intimate wedding at neutral water territory

ID: Intimate wedding at neutral water territory

This organization includes:

1. 2-day boat rental

2. Canapee and champagne for 6 people

3. Wedding organization
- designing, creating protocol and wedding program
- control of accounts, documentation and a specific budget

4. Wedding Coordination
- coordination and communication with the customer in preparation for the wedding

5. Flowers and decorations

6. Wedding cake

Total price (for 6 persons) from: 5000 €

On request, we can add to the package:

- Master of ceremonies
- Drinks
- Music
- Dinner before the wedding
- Videographer / Photographer
- Makeup / hairdresser
- Fireworks



This unique adventure will make your vacation truly unforgettable with on yacht wedding ceremony in neutral waters. Where the captain is the chief authority. The captain may marry a couple on board, if he has an official certificate, seal and diary.

Beautiful crystal blue sea, numerous islands and hidden coves will remain an unforgettable part of your memories for life, for you and your guests.

Imagine saying wedding vows somewhere offshore, in neutral waters, enjoying the sunset. We will help you every step of the way in organizing your vacation. We can recommend routes to the best hidden coves and wonderful restaurants.

If you choose this option for your wedding, you will enjoy the complete privacy and romance of the lovely Dalmatia and explore the hidden pearls of Croatia in the company of your closest people.

The advantages of wedding in Croatia?

1. Wedding will be held in luxurious atmosphere, your wedding photos and memories will be unforgettable! Your guests will be impressed.

2. Perfect weather for having a wedding in Croatia: in April, May, September and October – in period of off-season when the prices are much lower then in high season!

During the low season there are not so many tourists. In April and May – spring time, Mediterranean flowers and plants bloom, sunny days. In September and October, sea temperatures is the same as in summer. Your guests can spend more time on the Adriatic coast. Enjoy the sea, nature, climate and clean air.

3. Getting married on the Adriatic coast will be much cheaper than in your hometown.



We want to remind you that the procedure for preparing the wedding takes time, so please contact us in advance. We reccommend  3-4 months before the event.

Information of the wedding procedure can be found on our website:

For more information, please contact us by e-mail:

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