Business complex in Varaždin ZeVž-524

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  • ID: ZeVž-524
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  • 137.101,00 m2 Fläche des Grundstücks


  • 137.101,00 m2

Business complex in Varaždin

ID: ZeVž-524

Business complex in Varaždin with a total surface area of 137.101 m2 (including 31.700 m2 Gross Floor Area), where was placed the former Varaždin furniture factory. Business complex is very well located, regarding that it is located on the entrance to the City of Varaždin from directions Koprivnica and Zagreb and it has very good traffic connections to Slovenia, Hungary and Austria.

Area of economic purposes with possibility of building productive-business facilities according to urban rules 4B (meaning that there is possible additional upgrade, reconstruction and new construction up to maximum 40% of land development level, floors as follows: B (basement) + GF (ground floor) + 4 floors with K max 0,60).


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